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Dismantling and Assembling of Three Cylinder Petrol Engine


To dismantle and assemble the given three cylinder petrol engine.

Tools and equipments:

Given three cylinder petrol engine, socket tool kit, spanners, screw drivers, hammer, pliers, chisels, diesel, kerosene, cotton waste etc.



  • Drain off all the oil from the engine.
  • Remove the tappet cover with its gasket.
  • Remove the rocker shaft assembly and then push rod.
  • Remove the nuts of inlet and exhaust manifold and remove them.
  • Remove the cylinder head nuts and remove cylinder head with its gaskets.
  • Tilt the engine to one side, remove the oil sump with its gaskets.
  • Remove timing cover and chain.
  • Remove oil pump with strainer after removing pump foundation bolts.
  • Flywheel is then removed.
  • Remove connecting rod big end bolts, remove the cap, push the connecting rod so that piston comes out from the other side.
  • After the pistons are removed the crank shaft is taken out from the cylinder block.
  • Remove the water pump.
  • Remove timing gear from the cam shaft.
  • Remove the cam shaft.


The procedure for dismantling operation is adopted in the reverse to assemble operation.

  1. At first cam shaft is placed properly.
  2. Timing gear is attached to the camshaft correctly.
  3. Water pump is then attached.
  4. Crank shaft is kept inside the cylinder block.
  5. Pistons connecting rod assembly is then inserted into the cylinder bore properly and then attached to the crank shaft.
  6. Flywheel is then attached to the crank shaft.
  7. Oil pump with strainer is then placed, followed by timing cover and chain.
  8. Oil sump with its gaskets is then attached.
  9. Cylinder head with its gaskets is then attached to the cylinder block.
  10. Place the inlet and exhaust manifold.
  11. Place the push rod and rocker shaft assembly in the enginehead.
  12. Finally tappet covers with its gaskets are attached.


Thus the given three cylinder petrol engine is dismantled and then assembled.

Viva Questions:

  1. What are the two basic of cooling system?
  2. How does the shape of combustion chamber effect the combustion efficiency?
  3. What is the advantage of reducing compression ratio of the engine?
  4. What is a function of racer arm
  5. Explain the function of ignition coil?
  6. How does the fuel injection help to reduce automobile pollution?
  7. What is the effect of heating the supply air on the engine emission?