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Manufacturing Technology Lab Lab Experiments

External Keyway Using Milling Machine Lab Experiment


To cut a External keyway on the given specimen as per the dimensions using Milling machine.

Material Required

Cast iron blank of Φ 50mm x Φ 10mm

Tools Required

  1. Steel rule
  2. Vernier caliper (0-150mm)
  3. T bolt strap
  4. Spanner
  5. Spanner


  1. First the given work piece is fitted on chuck and it is turned along the diameter to the required dimension are marked.
  2. Then the facing operation is done on both the sides of the work piece.
  3. Then the work piece is fixed in the Milling machine.
  4. Indexing was done on the Milling machine.
  5. By adjusting the feed hand wheel the key way are cut outer diameter of the work piece.
  6. Then the same procedures are repeated for next key way.


Thus the key way is made on the work piece by slotting machine.

Viva Questions

Write any ten nomenclature of plain milling cutter

Body of cutter, cutting edge, face, fillet, gash, lead, land, outside dia, root dia, cutter angles.

What are the advantages of milling process?

1. It does not require a backlash eliminator
2. Mild surface does not have built up edge.

what are the down milling processes?

1. Cutter with higher rake angle can be used. This reduces power requirements
2. Cutter wear is less because chip thickness is maximum at the start of cut.

List out the various milling operations?

1. Plain or slab milling
2. Face milling
3. Angular milling
4. Gang milling
5. End milling
6. Gear cutting.

What does term indexing mean?

Indexing is the process of dividing the periphery of a job into equal number of divisions.

What are the three types dividing heads?

1. Plain or simple
2. Universal
3. Optical.

What are the different types of thread milling?

1. Thread milling by single form cutter
2. Thread milling by multi form cutter.

What is the function of cutting fluids?

1. It is used to cool the cutting tool & the work piece
2. It improves the surface finish as stated earlier
3. It causes the chips to break up into small parts
4. It protects the finish surface from corrosion
5. It prevents the corrosion of work & machine.

What are the properties of cutting fluid?

a. High heat absorbing capacities
b. It should have good lubricant properties
c. High flash point
d. It should be odourless
e. It should be non-corrosive to work & tool.

State any two comparisons between plain &universal milling machine?

• In plain milling machine the table is provided with three movements, longitudinal, cross & vertical. In universal milling machine in addition to these three movements, there is a forth movement to the table. The table can be swiveled horizontally & can be fed at angles to the milling machine spindle.

• The universal milling machine is provided with auxiliaries such as dividing head, vertical milling attachment, rotary table etc. Hence it is possible to make spiral, bevel gears, twist drills, reamers etc on universal milling machine.

What are the other forming methods for manufacturing gears?

1. Gear cutting by single point form tool
2. Gear cutting by shear speed shaping process
3. Gear broaching
4. Template method
5. Gear milling using a formed end mill.

List the various type of milling attachment?

1. Vertical milling
2. Universal milling
3. High speed milling
4. Rotary
5. Slotting
6. Rack milling