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Preparation of Square Tray using Spot Welding

Preparation of Square Tray using Spot Welding


To prepare the square tray using spot welding technique.

Equipment Required

Spot welding machine

Material Required:

Two G.I sheets of size



  • Switch on the machine and set the current in the machine to 2 Ampere
  • Set the timer to two seconds
  • Overlap the two metal pieces to the requires size and place them between the two electrodes.
  • Apply pressure by foot on the lever such that two electrodes come into contact if the over lapped metals.
  • After 2 seconds remove the pressure on the lever slowly.
  • Now the joint is ready for use.
  • Repeat the same procedure at various amperes
  • Test the strength of the joints using universal testing machine



  • Ensure that the electrodes should not be touched.
  • Don't touch the welded potion by hand immediately after the welding is done.