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Preparation of T- Lap Joint using Arc Welding

Preparation of T- Lap Joint using Arc Welding


To prepare a butt joint with mild steel strip using ARC Welding technique.


Two pieces of Mild steel


Welding unit, Electrode, Wire Brush, Tongs, goggles.


  • The edges of joining surfaces of metals are prepared.
  • Clean the mild steel flats to be joined by wire brush.
  • Arrange the flat pieces properly providing the gap for full penetration for butt joint (gap ½ thicknesses of flats).
  • Practice striking of arc, speed and arc length control
  • Set the welding current, voltage according to the type of metal to be joined.
  • Strike the arc and make tacks at the both ends to hold the metal pieces together during the welding process
  • Lay beads along the joint maintaining proper speed and arc length (Speed 100-150 mm/min).
  • Clean the welded zone and submit.



  • Use goggles and gloves to protect the human being from the generated arc.
  • Maintain constant arc length to get uniform weld bead.