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Round Bar to Square Head in Shaping


To machine the given round bar into rectangular block in shaping machine

Tools Requiremed

  1. Round nose tool
  2. Vernier caliper
  3. Steel Rule
  4. Try square
  5. Vernier height gauge


  1. The given raw material rectangular block is measured. The machining allowances are noted. Then the job is coated with white chalk for marking purpose.
  2. The job is position in the marking table. The vernier height gauge is set to the correct dimensions as per the part drawing dimensions
  3. After, the height -- mm is corrected in the vernier height gauge; the vernier scriber is marked in the face sides of the rectangular block.
  4. To identify the dimensions of the job, the marking lines are punched
  5. The work piece is placed in the shaping machine work holding device in correct position. Tool is held in the head in suitable position.
  6. The stroke length and initial cutting position are corrected by adjusting the ram and table manually
  7. The tool is held in the tool post in vertical position
  8. Now, the machine is switched ON. The tool moves over the work, the materials is removed from the work by the tool cutting force.
  9. By giving cross-feed movement to the table, the total length of work is machined, after completion of one cut, the depth of cut is adjusted in the tool head. Then the next cut is taken.
  10. By repeating the above same procedure, the other faces are machined to the required dimensions
  11. After completion of six faces, the work is removed from the vice, cleaned and inspection is carried out. The job No / Roll No are punched in the face side of the work.


The given work piece rectangular block is machined as per the dimension in the shaping machine.

Viva Questions

Write down any four operations performed by a shaper?

Machining horizontal surfaces. Machining vertical surfaces. Machining inclined surfaces. Machining irregular surfaces.

Define cutting ratio of the shaper.

The ratio between the cutting stroke time and the return stroke time is called as cutting ratio. Cutting stroke time Cutting ratio m= Return stroke time.

Briefly describe the importance of quill mechanism.

If the taper shank of drill is smaller than the taper in the spindle hole, a sleeve is used. The sleeve with drill is fitted in the hole of the spindle. The sleeve has outside taper surface. This fits into the tapered hole of the spindle.

Explain the cutting shaping process?

The required shape of metal is obtained by removing the Unwanted material from the work piece in the form of chips is called cutting shaping. Ex: turning, drilling, milling, boring, etc

Mention the differences between shaper and planer.

S.No. Shaper Planer
1 Tool reciprocates and the work is stationary Tool is stationary and work reciprocates
2 Less accurately due to overhanging of ram It gives more accuracy as the tool is rigidly supported during cutting