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Shaping Inclined Surface - Shaping Machine Lab Experiment


To make an Angular surface by using a shaping machine.

Material Required

Cast iron blank of Φ 50 x Φ 50

Tools Requiremed

  1. Machine handle
  2. Vice handle
  3. Round nose tool
  4. Vernier caliper
  5. Vernier height gauge
  6. Tri-square
  7. Surface plate
  8. Hammer and punch.


  1. Check the machine is in proper condition.
  2. Check the work piece given in suitable size.
  3. Select and set the correct stroke length, speed and feed.
  4. The job is marked and punched. The punched job is set over the vice.
  5. Hold the work piece in the vice and fix the tool in tool holder in correct position and start the machine.
  6. Remove the material as per the size.
  7. Remove the job and also remove the burrs with the help of files.


Thus the shaping of angular surface operation is performed on the given work piece as per the dimension.

Viva Questions

What is shaper?

The machine, which is having a reciprocating type of machine tool with a single point cutting tool, used to produce flat surfaces called as Shapers.

List any four important parts of a Shaper?

Table, Tool head, Ram, Cross rail

How the feed & depth of cut is given to the shaper?

Feed is given by rotating the down feed screws of tool head depth of cut is given by rotating by raising or elevating the table

Mention any four-shaper specification?

1. Maximum length of stroke, 2. Type of driving mechanism,3. Power of the motor,4. Speed &feed available

How the planer differs from the shaper?

In planner-the work reciprocate while the tool is stationary In shaper-the tool reciprocate while the work is stationary

Shaping Inclined Surface - Shaping Machine


All Dimensions in mm