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Computer Aided Building Planning and Drawing Lab Experiments

Dog Legged Staircase in Plan and Elevation for the Given Data

Lintel and Chajja


To draw simple 2D diagram representing the cross section of lintel and chajja for the given data.

Data:Draw a C/S & plan of a RCC Dog legged stair case for a building having following particulars:

  1. Wall thickness of 300 mm
  2. Thickness of lintel beam as 400 mm
  3. Main reinforcement of lintel 2 of 10 mm ɸ bar at top and bottom
  4. 2 legged stirrups 8 mm ɸ bars at 200 mm C/C
  5. Main reinforcement for chajja 100 mm ɸ bars at 150 mm C/C
  6. Distribution bars for chajja as 8 mm ɸ bars at 150 mm C/C
  7. Thickness of chajja as 100 mm away from the face of the wall and 200 mm near the face of the wall.
  8. Software used: Autocad

    Commands used:Limits, ortho, offset, line, zoom, donut, move, trim, extend, hatch, dimension, text etc.


      The limits are set before starting the drawing. The lower left corner is set as default (0.0000, 0.0000). The upper right corner is changed as per our requirements.
  9. By using units command, we set the types as decimal, precision as 0.0000 and units to scale as millimetres.
  10. Ortho is switched off as the drawing requires use of inclined line also along with horizontal and vertical lines.
  11. By using the line command, the outline of the required drawing is drawn.
  12. By using the trim command, the extra lines are trimmed.
  13. Lines are extended using extend command wherever necessary.
  14. Donut option is used to represent the c/s of reinforcements.
  15. Offset command is used to get lines at regular distance.
  16. Hatching is done using hatch command.
  17. Dimensions are provided and text command is also used for labelling the drawing.
  18. Result:The required C/S of lintel and chajja is drafted using the software.