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To Draw Cross Section of Masonry Wall Foundation

Cross section of Masonry wall Foundation


To draw simple 2D diagram representing Cross section of masonry wall foundation for the given data.

Data Draw a C/S of a size stone masonry foundation to be provided for a boundary wall of 230 mm thick burnt brick masonry for a building. Use the following data:

Width of foundation = 800 mm

Depth of foundation below GL = 900mm

Thickness of levelling bed , CC 1:4:8 = 200 mm

Thickness of plinth bed, CC 1:2:4 = 100 mm

Floor level = Ground level

Concrete offset = 100 mm

Masonry offset = 50 mm

Software used: Autocad

Commands used: Limits, ortho, line, zoom, mirror, move, trim, extend, hatch, dimension, text etc.


    The limits are set before starting the drawing. The lower left corner is set as default (0.0000, 0.0000). The upper right corner is changed as per our requirements.
  • By using units command, we set the types as decimal, precision as 0.0000 and units to scale as millimetres.
  • Ortho is switched on as the drawing requires use of only horizontal and vertical lines.
  • By using the line command, the outline of the required drawing is drawn.
  • By using the trim command, the extra lines are trimmed.
  • Lines are extended using extend command wherever necessary.
  • Mirror option is used as the drawing is symmetrical about y-axis.
  • Hatching is done using hatch command.
  • Dimensions are provided and text command is also used for labelling the drawing.
  • Result: The required cross section of masonry wall foundation is drafted using the software