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Drafting of Oldham coupling

Drafting of Oldham coupling



To draft an Oldham Coupling by using software auto cad 2016

Software used:

Auto cad 2016

Commands used:

Draw commands:Line, Rectangle, Poly line, Polygon, Circle, Construction line, Arc, Spline, Ray, Hatch.

Modify commands:Erase,Copy,Mirror,Array,Move,Rotate,Trim,Extend,Stretch,Fillet,Join, Chamfer.

Dimension command:

  • Radius dimension
  • Linear dimension
  • Diameter dimension
  • Angular dimension


  1. Specify units by using units command unit change the insertsents by given and click on OK button
  2. Now you have to specify drawing size using LI enter command First enter 0, 0 and enter 420,297 and click enter
  3. Reset model space limits
  4. Specify lower left corner or [on/off] <0, 0>0, 0
  5. Specify upper right corner <12, 9> 420,297 Refit the screen by using zoom command
  6. Select the circle command and draw the Oldham with circle command
  7. Draw the shaft circle by using the circle command and draw the key by using rectangle command on the shaft
  8. Project all lines from the side view
  9. Draw the Oldham by using auto cad feature
  10. Draw the shaft and place the key on the shaft by given dimensions
  11. Hatch the Oldham by sing hatch command angle 45 degrees and distance between lines of hatch is 2mm.
  12. Give the dimensions so that Oldham Coupling and change the required dimensions style


The required Oldham Coupling is drafted in software AutoCAD 2016