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Drafting of section elements and machine parts

Aim: Drafting of section elements and machine parts

Introduction to machine drawing

It is pertaining to machine parts or components. It is presented through a number of orthographic views, so that the size and shape of the component is fully understood. Part drawings and assembly drawings belong to this classification. An example of a machine drawing is given in Fig.

introduction to machine drawing

Drafting of simple machine elements

Machine element refers to an elementary component of a machine. These elements in machine drawing are frame members, bearings, axles, fasteners, etc.

In order to show the inner details of a machine component, the object is imagined to be cut by a cutting plane and the section is viewed after the removal of cut portion. Sections are made by at cutting planes and are designated by capital letters and the direction of viewing is indicated by arrow marks.

Hatching of sections:

Hatching is generally used to show areas of sections. The simplest form of hatching is generally adequate for the purpose, and may be continuous thin lines (type B) at a convenient angle, preferably 45°, to the principal outlines or lines of symmetry of the sections


Preferred hatching angle