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Manufacturing Technology Lab Lab Experiments

Internal key way cutting in slotter Lab Experiment


To cut internal key to the required dimensions in slotting machine

Tools Required

  1. Steel rule
  2. Tipped tool
  3. Scriber
  4. Dot punch
  5. Anvil
  6. Surface gauge
  7. Steel rule


  1. The tool is fixed to the tool post such that the movement should be exactly perpendicular to the table..
  2. The work piece is then set in the vice such that the tool is just above the work piece. Adjust the length of the stroke of the ram.
  3. Slotting operation is performed and makes one slot on the work piece to the required dimensions.
  4. Then bring the tool to the initial position.
  5. Rotate the work table by an angle 90° and continue the process for the second slot.
  6. Repeat the process for the remaining slots.


The job is completed successfully and safely.

Internal key way


All Dimension in mm

Viva Questions

What is slotter?

It is falls under the category of reciprocating types of machine tool similar to shaper.

What is the difference between shaper and slotter?

In shaper ram reciprocate about horizontal axis but slotter the ram reciprocate about vertical axis.

What is the difference between vertical shaper and slotter?

In vertical shaper the holding the tool may also reciprocate at an angle to the horizontal table in addition to the vertical stroke.

What is the use of slotter?

It is used to cutting groove, keyway, and slots of various shapes.

What are the types of slotter?

1. Puncher slotter
2. Precision slotter.

What is puncher slotter?

The puncher slotter is heavy, rigid machine designed for removal of large amount of work pieces. It is driven by a spiral pinion meshing with the rack teeth on the underside of the ram.

What are the parts involved in slotter?

1. Base
2. Column
3. Saddle
4. Cross slide
5.Rotating table
6. Ram and tool head.

List the ram driving mechanism used in slotter.

1. Whit worth quick return
2. Variable speed reversible motor drive mechanism
3. Hydraulic drive.

List the feed involved in slotter.

1. Longitudinal
2. Cross feed
3. Circular feed.

List the slotter operation.

1. Machining flat surfaces
2. Cylindrical surfaces
3. Irregular surfaces
4. Slot, key ways and grooves.