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Manufacturing of Washers using Compound Die

Manufacturing of Washers using Compound Die


  • To prepare a scrap strip layout for the given sheet material.
  • To manufacture the washers with optimum utilization of sheet using compound die.

Equipment Required

  • Hydraulic Press
  • Compound Die
  • G.I Sheet.


  • Preparation of Scrap Strip Layout:
  • Plan the layout accordingly that the percentage utilization of the sheet should not be less than 75%
  • %Utilization : = Area utilized/Total Area of Sheet
  • Total Area of sheet = L (Stock Length) x W (Stock Width )
  • Area Utilized depends on the shape of component which is blanked or pierced from the sheet.
  • Draw the layout with optimum layout and it will used while manufacturing the components.

Manufacturing of Washers:

  • Position the bottom part of the compound die just under the ram of the press.
  • Place the material between the punch and die.
  • Fix the top part of the die (punch) in the die holder and tighten it.
  • Close the release valve of the pump.
  • Operate the low pressure lever i.e. plunger with bigger dia. The ram will move very fast and touch the job.
  • Then operate the high pressure lever i.e. plunger with smaller dia. The gauge will start indicating the load.
  • Open the release valve, the ram will return to the original position.



Scrap Strip Layout:


  • Punch and die should be aligned.
  • Apply the load up to the mark. Do not exceed the red mark given in the dial gauge.